Scenic Helicopter Flights

How about enjoying a scenic Helicopter flight around the Mara and even beyond Mara with very experienced pilots in the Mara who they know Mara very well like the back of their hands.
We have partnered with Endeavours Far Beyond that pride themselves on safety and best guiding experience to ensure all our guests enjoy interpretive experiences to magical and breath-taking sites beyond the beaten track and home again.
These flights can be choosen as below,

Mara Scenic Flights

Beyond Mara Scenic Flights

Full day trip includes minimum charge for 3 hours flying time. (Can include stops),

It can either be one of the following trips

  1. Trip to the Loita Forest: -Visit the prehistoric rock carving cave.
  2. Trip to Lake Magadi: – Photograph the flamingos.
  3. Day trip to Lake Victoria:- via Ruma National Park
Available in both camps.