Lalashe Maasai Mara operates one of its two camps in Mara Ripoi conservancy which it was created by over 2,000 Maasai landowners in Maasai Mara.
Together with three other small camps, we entered into agreement to protect, conserve and even expand its space. Maasai Mara like many other Wildlife parks in the world is facing huge pressure from human activities and thus importance of protection of wildlife dispersal area outside the Main reserve.
From scientific research contacted by many wildlife researchers there is more wildlife in conservancies than Main reserve and special thanks to conservation efforts that it has been put in by few safari operators.
Mara Ripoi Conservancy is one very important corridor for Wildlife movement into the main reserve and other conservation areas and its protection and conservation is very paramount. Together with its neighboring Siana Conservancy, we are hosting almost 40% of elephants in the Mara Ecosystem.

We offer Better Guests Experiences in our conservancy which it is home to only three small Safari Camps who have exclusive use and thus allowing us to offer our guests low density tourism experience, less vehicles in high profile sightings with lots of own private sightings and unlike in Main Reserve our guests get to enjoy Mara Ripoi Conservancy through exciting walking safaris and memorable night game drives which can not get done in the Main Reserve.

Apart from protection and creation of space for wildlife Lamlash Mara Ripoi Camp gives the following benefits to the local Maasai community.

Land Leases

All the the camps every year are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars into the landowners who gave out their lands to create Mara Ripoi Conservancy(Each camp contributes its share based on number of beds).We are in the process of adding more space, thanks to the local community who are appreciating and supporting conservation because of the benefits which they get from our camps.
All our funds are raised from guests who stay in our intimate lodges and thus appreciating all guests who choose to stay with us because by staying with us they are giving back to conservation.

Creation of employment

Mara Ripoi Conservancy employs rangers, Community liaison officers and other workers in the conservancy and its three safari camps too employs over 70% of their staff from local Maasai Community all from revenue generated by camps.
Since we moved into Mara Ripoi Conservancy and protect it we have seen increase in its wildlife within a very short time. Vegetation too has recovered from overgrazing and what a joy to see our guests enjoying premium sightings at our conservancy.