Night Wildlife Safaris (Game Drives)

Lalashe Ripoi is in private Conservancy,we are allowed to go out for night game drive for few hours just before dinner or after early dinner.Night game drives will give our guests opportunity to look for the rare and night active species such as Aardvarks, Pangolins, Porcupines, Leopards (Both day & Night active) ,White-Tailed Mongoose, Spring Hares, Civets among others.
All our guides will be accompanied on night game drives by some of our night guards who will be helping in spotting , with the help of spotlights fitted with red filters that helps in not blinding of the animals seen at night.
In Lalashe Mara Camp we are able as well to do very short night game drives for less than an hour.

Available in both Camps but different durations of drives.